We are still in beta.
Here are our future pricing plans.

Single user
For pet projects and early-stage applications.
1 day history
3 applications
1 hour max session duration
1,000 minutes of app usage recording
Single user
For professional software engineers and QA.
14 days history
Unlimited applications
8 hours max session duration
18,000 minutes of app usage recording
Starting from
For mobile focused development teams.
3 users included + $14.99 per user
DEVELOPER plan for each user
Applications usage recordings sharing

Frequently asked questions

What is trial plan?

The 14-day free trial plan lets you use all pro features. When your trial expires we'll downgrade you to our free plan.

Is there any limit on app count?

Free account can create up to 3 apps. Pro and Corporate accounts have no limits on apps count.

How do I avoid unexpected charges?

You can set total budget that should be used for buying additional minutes for your account. Default budget is $10.

What is data retention period?

For Free account sessions logs are retained for 1 day. For Pro and Corporate account sessions logs are retained for 14 days.

What is session minutes?

We measure sessions duration recorded from your apps using AppSpector SDK. Amount of time recorded for each user is limited and depends on selected payment plan.

What happens when I exceed my reserved minutes?

You can buy additional minutes for $0.1 per 60 minutes.

Have more questions?

You need personal support? Have unique environment and non-trivial demands for debugging tools? Our pricing plans doesn’t fit your needs? Feel free to contact us.