AppSpector is a service for debugging iOS and Android apps. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps remotely in real-time from a simple interface.

Debug your application remotely

1. Install AppSpector

2. Run app

3. View data

Use AppSpector


RemoteInspect apps remotely even if your engineers are located all over the world.
Performance MetricsView your application’s CPU, memory and disc usage, FPS and network usage.
Real-timeGet real-time access to your app internals via slick web interface. Observe network, logs, database, app screenshots.
Examine App StateSee what’s going on inside your app! Reach beyond simple log collectors: effortlessly track network traffic, DB and app location.

Explore monitors

HTTPInspect application network requests & responses.
CoreDataRemotely browse CoreData content.
LogsInspect application logs. Filter by log level. Exports logs.
LocationTrack & Mock device location to test/debug.
SQLiteRemotely browse database content. Execute SQL queries. Track queries history and execution time.
AnalyticsDebug analytics events sent by Google Analytics, Firebase, Mixpanel, Flurry, Adobe and Fabric (Answers).
ScreenshotView device screen.
NSNotificationCenterInspect/Debug notifications via NSNotificationCenter.
EnvironmentView device detailed info, OS & App configuration.