Remote debugging platform for iOS and Android apps.

From simple pet project to the most complex enterprise app, AppSpector gives you the tools to find issues faster.
Focus on features development, not debugging.

Multi-Platform SDK

It takes 5 minutes to install AppSpector
Apple TV

When is AppSpector most helpful?

During Development

Accelerate development with advanced debugging tools. Get instant access to application logs, networks requests and databases.

With beta users support

Simplify Beta-testing and enterprise in-house users support with the real-time remote access to your application. From anywhere in the World you can now instantly debug issues on your user devices.

At any QA stage

Find bugs faster and improve communication process between QA and engineers. Share application logs and data with your team members.


Inspect network requests

All network requests made by your app are automatically captured and stored. You can view full details of each individual HTTP request.

View application logs

AppSpector captures all logs from your app. Enjoy built-in integration with CocoaLumberjack logging framework. All your logs will be displayed with respect to their logging levels.

CoreData Browser

Choose context and navigate through your data, search and follow relationships. Run custom fetch requests against any model/context. View model scheme just like you would in Xcode editor.

SQLite Browser

With AppSpector you can browse your application database content, execute SQL queries and view SQL query logs.

NSNotificationCenter logs

View all notifications sent by your app. You can send custom NSNotifications with payload from web UI.

Track & Mock device location

Track and mock device's location for testing and debugging, remotely without living your office.

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