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Finally, you can have a remote Core Data Browser.

Finally, you can have a remote Core Data Browser.

I'm happy to present a brand new debugging tool in the AppSpector familty. This is a special gift to all iOS developers. We have just launched the Core Data Browser. it's  a new AppSpector monitor and, as always, you just need to add one line of code to make it work. Try it here:

let config = AppSpectorConfig(apiKey: "API_KEY", monitorIDs: [Monitor.http, Monitor.logs, Monitor.coredata]) config)

As soon as the SDK is launched, we start monitoring all CoreData stores in your app.

You can choose a store you want do debug and view all entities with schema in that store:

You can browse through the list of managed objects of each entity type and managed object context:

And of course you can execute a custom predicate query if you need to find some specific managed objects.

Best part? All those features work remotely and in real-time. Now you can fix Core Data related issues on yours, teammate's or client's devices in no time.

Remote Core Data browser is something that would be great to have in Xcode, but Apple didn't pay much attention to the issue we all struggle with. So we are happy to be the first service that does pay attention to this and many other essential things big-box platforms do not provide.

We have many more amazing features in addition to Core Data browser. To name a few: Remote logs, Perfromance metrics, SQLite database browser, Location tracking and Mocking, Analytics debugger.

And yes, you can use all of them for free (not "fake free", real free) by simply signing up for your account today at: