AppSpector is a service for debugging iOS and Android apps. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps remotely in real-time from a simple interface.

How it works

Once installed AppSpector SDK captures all data created by your application and sends that data to your browser. It then creates a remote console showing you what’s happening inside your app in real time.

1. Install AppSpector

Installing AppSpector is as easy as just adding our SDK as a dependency, getting initialization code with API key from your account page and running the app.

2. Run app

Running your App with AppSpector SDK integrated doesn’t differ from regular app run, SDK starts collecting data right after the app start.

3. View data

Use web interface to view collected data. We build shiny and easy to use interface to display exact data you need in most intuitive way.

Use AppSpector


RemoteInspect apps remotely even if your engineers are located all over the world.
Performance MetricsView your application’s CPU, memory and disc usage, FPS and network usage.
Real-timeGet real-time access to your app internals via slick web interface. Observe network, logs, database, app screenshots.
Examine App StateSee what’s going on inside your app! Reach beyond simple log collectors: effortlessly track network traffic, DB and app location.

Examine Network Traffic

All network requests made by your app are automatically captured and stored. You can view full details of each individual HTTP request.